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Eagle Scout - Good Citizenship Award

The Marine Corps League considers it an Honor and Privilege to recognize America's future leaders for earning the Scouts of America Eagle Scout Award by presenting them the Marine Corps League's "Good Citizenship Award" Certificate and to have the Eagle Scout become aware of the skills that he has mastered to become an Eagle Scout are also held in very high regards by the Marine Corps League and Corporations throughout the United States.


The local Marine Corps League will make every effort to be able to have a member attend the ceremony in order to present the award. 

Two Ways to Apply

If the Eagle Scout resides in Collin County, Texas you may download the application from the link below and email it to the Marine Corps League of Collin County at: This will ensure we get the notice in a more timely manner and make arrangements for one of our members to present the award.

If you reside outside of Collin County, Texas may use the link below to apply through the Marine Corps League national website. 


*Please allow up to 30 days for the application to be processed and forwarded to the local Marine Corps League detachment. 

We would also like to be able to share the Eagle Scout's achievement as well as make others aware that this award is available, through sharing the event along with pictures on our website and social media.  In order to do so we would like to ask that the following photo release form be filled out and submitted to the detachment at:

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