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Detachment Mission


To join together Marines, FMF Corpsmen, and those who espouse the ideals and principles of the Marine Corps League, in camaraderie and fellowship for the purpose of preserving the traditions and promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps; promoting the ideals of American freedom and democracy; voluntarily aid and render assistance to all Marines, FMF Corpsmen, their widows and orphans; and to perpetuate the history of the United States Marine Corps through fitting acts such as observing the anniversaries of historical occasions holding particular interest to Marines.




To establish the LCpl Jacob D. Hayes Detachment as a commonly recognized source of aid and service to our fellow Marines and FMF Corpsmen, as well as provide support to other veteran activities and events that would further the mission of the Marine Corps League.  To reach out to leaders of business, government, and other organizations in order to develop the resources needed in accomplishing the goal of supporting Marines and FMF Corpsmen and their families within Collin County, Texas. 


  • Outreach:  Or should we say “Reach Out”?   It is not enough to just be a member of the League.  We as veteran advocates must do more.  We must connect with our brothers and sisters, with our community, and with our fellow veterans in other services.  We must all commit to “Reaching Out!”  We must all do everything possible to prevent veteran suicides and end veteran unemployment.  


  • Build the Network/Connect the Dots:  Our League needs to establish a network of professionals and services that can assist us in helping our Marines and FMF Corpsmen and their families during their times of need.  We need to be the link between those who need our support and those who can provide it, if we do not have the ability to do so through the League.  There are veterans who need assistance but are either too proud to ask or do not know how to connect to the resources they need.  There are also people and organizations that are there to assist those veterans but do not know how to reach them. As a local veteran organization, we are best suited and need to be the bridge that connects the two within Collin County.  We must seek to increase communication with one another and other veteran supporters in order to ensure we get help to those who need it. 


Operation “Grip and Grin”


One way we will meet the objectives above is what we like to call Operation “Grip and Grin.”  Be on the lookout for stickers, hats, license plates, etc.  How many of us see a veteran and don’t saying anything to them?  Let’s change that!  If you see a fellow veteran, no matter the service, reach out shake their hand and put on a smile (“grip and grin”).  Take a minute to get to know a little about that veteran.  Find out when /where they served and how they are doing.  Sometimes someone showing they care is all it takes to make a difference and for a veteran to open up about the struggles they may be facing. You could be that individual that makes the difference.  So, be vigilant, take notice, reach out, “Grip and Grin,” ask and listen. 


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